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About Stronger Together Foundation


Stronger Together Foundation, LLC is a veteran-founded non-profit 501(c)(3) established by families and friends affected by suicide. Our core values are mutual support, understanding, and awareness.

The Stronger Together Foundation was founded in 2021 by retired Master Sergeant Michael Couch, Mississippi Air National Guard. Along with a group of family and friends, this foundation was established with two principles in mind. First, the Stronger Together Foundation was established because of need to address the alarming number of military service members, veterans, and first responders that take their life each day. Second, to help families deal with the loss of a loved one that took their own life. 


“22 a day is 22 too many.” 22 families are left hurting every day. The Stronger Together Foundation hopes to create a network of people that have been affected by suicide as a support group for each other and advocates to bring awareness to this crisis. The Stronger Together Foundation is not just for military members and First Responders, but for anyone left hurting because of suicide. 

Stronger Together Foundation


Stronger Together Foundation exists to provide resources and community support to the friends and families of veterans who were lost to suicide. Our mission is to provide an environment dedicated to helping those left behind to process and deal with the tragedy of suicide by connecting them with others who have experienced the same tragic loss.


  • Continue to raise awareness about suicide

  • Establish an advocacy group

  • Establish a college scholarship and endowment fund

  • Host sports/fundraiser events that promote the Stronger Together Foundation

  • Build community support

  • Host the annual suicide awareness/prevention rally and 5k

  • Establish forums that will bring together survivors

  • Establish an online survivors message board

  • Promote the Stronger Together Foundation


  • President: Retired Master Sergeant Michael Couch, Mississippi Air National Guard

  • Vice President: Retired Tech Sergeant Eric Smith, Mississippi Air National Guard

  • Secretary: Natacha Powell Fortenberry

  • Treasurer: Shawn Strait

  • Pam Daniels Younger

  • Ryan Couch

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